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Worm thrusters at Crossfit Invitational 2013 [x]
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Monkey king by BKS
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Full sleeve completed by Tristen.

WOD 28082014

Amrap 12’
15 Sit Up to Pike
10 Burpee over the box
5 Ring Dips

Yesterdays WOD was the complete opposite of the previous one. I cranked up my food intake during the day, even more then I was already doing and it showed. I felt energized during the whole class and I just fell short of three more ring dips to have six complete rounds: 172 reps.

I’m happy!


WOD 28082014

5RFT (TC 15 min)

20 goblet squats (24 kg)

15 KB swings (24 kg)

10 KB snatches (20 kg)

This was unexpectedly much tougher then anticipated! I did not finish within the time cap, I came short my fifth round of KB snatches.

I think I might still not be eating enough, so today I will crank up the food intake even more so tonight’s wod will hopefully go better…

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Always support your fellow fitblrs
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Fit is comfortable!
The last couple of years I’ve been getting more and more fit, which has lead to me being more comfortable in my own skin..
The photo is me in Provence squinting with a big grin on my face, but I’m comfortable! I don’t mind taking my shirt off anymore, I no longer feel a need for sucking in my gut or hiding…
I’ve never been very self-conscious but as soon as that shirt came off I felt a little embarrassed and it almost felt like everyone was starring and judging me..
I know I have a long way to go, but for me this is one of the best things about getting healthier/fitter..
I think a lot you know what I’m talking about, right? So let’s not hide under layers of clothes and rock that farmers tan every damn summer.. Let’s be proud, comfortable and awesome..
Deal?? ;)

True story!

Save me from my workout: CrossFit's dangerous, life-changing appeal

We should all keep in mind that change comes gradually and we should excercise patience in achieving it. Which doesn’t mean we don’t need to push ourselves, we just need to keep listening to our bodies when we do.

A well written, honest, full spectrum view on CrossFit, worth a read.