WOD 300914

A. Mobility
B. Toes to Bar techn.
C. Push Jerk 3x10 (tech)
D. For time
21-15-9 (TC 10’)
Toes to Bar
Shoulder to overhead

Those damn TTB! I got really frustrated after yesterday’s WOD! My technique is pretty ok, but I lack the grip strength to perform them as I should during a WOD. Especially combined with KBS (24 kg/53 lb.)… The first set of 21 was ok, not unbroken, but ok. But my second set took the remainder of my time left, minus 2 push presses. Not happy! And to top it off, I managed to rip my hands open…  :-(
I used 40 kg for my STO’s (88 lb.) and managed to push press them.

But anyways, at least my technique is starting to come into its own. So that’s something.
And… before class, I managed to do another set of Front Squats, 8x 52,5 kg (116 lb.), 6x 62,5 kg (137 lb.) and for my max reps at 67,5 kg (149 lb.) I pumped out another 7 reps. Coach said that if I keep it up like this, I should pass the threshold of 100 kg before years end!  :-)

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WOD 280914

800m run
20 hang power cleans
30 push ups
40 front squats
50 burpees
40 kettlebell swings
30 sumo deadlift high pulls
20 push presses

Time cap: 40’

This was a tough one. We had to use 50-60% of our 1RM Clean for the hang power cleans and front squats. For me that was 40kg. (88 lb.) The weight for de SDHP and PP had to be 50% of our 1RM PP. I did not know this 1RM though, so I estimated this weight to 30 kg. (66 lb.) The weight of my KB for the swings was 24kg. (53 lb.)

The set of burpees was absolutely the hardest part of the WOD, my time was 28:04.


WOD 260914

A. Deadlift
Max Reps @ 90%
B. Clean ==> work to heavy single
C. 30 Clusters for time

I should post my WOD’s more consistently, but somehow I always end up forgetting. So here’s to a new week of good intentions!  :-)

This work out dates from Friday. Deadlifts went pretty good, I got to 4x 115 kg! (253,5 lb.)

PR’d my clean again, I’m at 72,5 kg (160 lb.) right now and my coach even commented on my form —> proud!  :-)However, I’m almost at my max front squat with this weight, so now I should start focussing on getting this up, so I can continue performing on my cleans!

I did the 30 clusters with 35 kg (77 lb.) which proofed to be to low a weight… live and learn I guess. (3:41)

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X-Wing in a swamp in a bottle
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Rotating hook kick T.K.O

my mans didn’t even try to block it tho. he kinda just let it hit him. lmfao.
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Dog is better at yoga. [video]

That’s hilarious!  :-)